ULTAX SYSTEMS is a technology-based company providing custom computer hardware and software solutions for design, engineering, manufacturing and business management. We deliver data acquisition, organization, management and communication insuring that project objectives are met.

This Internet site introduces our company and core business activities.

In today's global environment, even small companies must be ready to compete with the resourcefulness of global organizations. Maintaining dedicated staff and equipment is costly. In many cases, it is economically impossible to acquire the proper tools with proficient personnel and sustain satisfactory utilization rates.
ULTAX SYSTEMS can be an active partner in your business environment by satisfying your ongoing needs.

We are reserved in our judgement and adopt tools proven effective and reliable. Staff professionalism and a decade-long expertise in application of computing technologies in real world situations help ULTAX SYSTEMS realize high productivity.

We welcome your inquires and comments as we aspire to offer the highest quality of service within the areas of our expertise.

For more information about technical services visit DIGIGRAPH Technical at www.dgraph.com (our technical services division)



Products and services related to organization of information are a major part of our business. These include database and network programming as well as e-business and advanced IT solutions. Past and present projects include installations in North America, Europe and Asia.

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